Window Stickers


Join the Team. We have an NZ Farming Sticker to go on anything. Choose from our big 600mm Window Banner or the “all rounder”, our 150x50 Sticker that is suitable to go anywhere.

Small Sticker

Two tone ‘NZF’ sticker. White and green.

Dimensions: 50mm x 50mm

Medium Sticker - The OG
Two tone ‘NZ Farming’ sticker. White and green.

Dimensions: 150mm x 50mm

Large Sticker
White ‘NZ Farming’ sticker. Perfect for your windscreen

Dimensions: 300mm x 100mm

XLarge Sticker

White ‘NZ Farming’ sticker.

Dimensions: 600mm x 200mm

Photos show the Small, Medium and XLarge stickers. Send us a picture of yours!

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