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Manawatu Knitting Mills

It takes tenacity
for a business to
successfully navigate
its way through two
world wars, the Great
Depression and the
radical economic
reforms of the 1980s.

From the humble beginnings of a pioneer family knitting socks in 1880, Manawatu Knitting Mills (MKM) has grown into one of Australasia's largest and leading knitting mills today. A constant drive for innovation and new ideas has seen MKM survive the twists and turns of over 135 years, mirroring New Zealand's coming-ofage from a colony to a nation. Still family - owned and operated, MKM has earned a reputation for good looking, long wearing, hardworking garments designed for the New Zealand elements. The softness of the possum and merino means they are gentle against the skin, and extremely comfortable to wear.



ECO BLEND is another MKM New Zealand first that builds on the environment - friendly and sustainable properties of our wool garments. Yarn manufacture produces fibre fluff ordinarily discarded. In our Eco Blend, we've collected and re-spun the fibres to create an entirely new yarn with exceptional properties. It's an innovation that has turned production waste into a premium yarn combining the best characteristics of its component fibres.

POSSUM MERINO is a superior yarn combining New Zealand merino wool with possum fur. MKM was at the forefront of the development of this yarn in New Zealand after recognising the special attributes of the fur. Having a hollow fibre, possum fur is both lighter and warmer by weight than other natural fibres. Its silky feel is soft and easy to wear. The fibre withstands freezing temperatures and when blended with merino, is pill resistant Garments are light to wear and ideal for the outdoors.

WOOL is nature's wonder fibre, tough, durable and long wearing. Wool is one of the most effective natural forms of all weather protection. It has naturally high UV resistance. With high water and nitrogen content, wool is also flame retardant. Its unique fibre structure allows wool to absorb and release moisture and in turn, to transfer or maintain heat. This breathability delivers year - round comfort - never too hot, never too cold. The fibre's resilience ensures garments keep their easy care good looks for years.